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Pablo’s Vice is an iconic Surry Hills cafe.

Renowned for our exquisite food and coffee, it’s the place locals visit to
escape from their busy lives and gather with friends to catch up,
plan upcoming events and relive old times.

For over 18 years Pablo’s has been serving Darlinghurst & Surry Hills locals
and our popularity continues to grow daily.

Pablos Vice Surry Hills Cafe Salmon Stack

Pablos Vice prides itself on its reputation.
We understand how important good coffee is and take it seriously.

We know that a barrista can
make or break a café. That’s why
we take the time to train our staff
and only use Campos Coffee.
After all, quality matters.

Pablo’s has a soul, its staff and clientele are what creates a fun, lively, friendly atmosphere where all are welcome…
even the odd canine, feline and pet lizard.

Pablo’s is right in the heart of the action, situated on Goulburn Street, near the corner of Crown Street.

Pablo’s kitchen is always thriving
with activity and invention. We are
open to new dish ideas and happy
to experiment.

We know we have the recipe right for
enjoyable dining experiences and our
renowned selection of mouth-watering
dishes and treats are second to none.


Want to chill and read a paper?
Pablo’s is for you.

Need to recover from a huge night?
Pablo’s has coffee and empathy on hand.

Just want to meet up with friends for a quick bite?
Pablo’s is the perfect spot.