Pablo’s Vice helps support local homelessness services

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Pablo’s Vice helps support local homelessness services

CafeSmart is a major national campaign built on the energy and commitment of the coffee industry around Australia. It unites the community over our favorite brew to help fund local homeless services through the donation of $1 from every coffee sold at participating cafés.

We believe that homelessness is one of the most pressing social issues we face today and we want to do something to change this. That is why Pablo’s Vice will be raising funds this Friday August 4th.

According to 2011 Census data 105,000 people in Australia are without a safe and secure place to call home. The situation has changed drastically since then – for the worse. Housing affordability, domestic violence and an ever shrinking social safety net are putting more people out of their homes than ever before. Rough sleepers are the most visible people impacted by the crisis brewing in our communities – which makes it sobering to know that people surviving on the streets or in cars and tents are just 6% of those effected.

StreetSmart raises funds to support grassroots services who have seen their public funding shrink, while witnessing an unprecedented demand for their services. CafeSmart is a day of good will, and hard work by cafés like Pablo’s Vice and local people who want to see things change for the better. In all, 600+ small businesses all over Australia are on board to raise funds through the CafeSmart initiative. Together we aim to smash last year’s total of $160,523 on August 4th and direct even more funds back into local neighbourhoods under the #HelpYourHood.

CafeSmart grants pool locally raised donations and direct them back into local services and initiatives that are working on the front lines. These are services that are serving up hot meals, putting roofs over people’s heads, and providing relief packages to people in need. It is about providing a leg-up, rather than sending people packing into the cold.

“When more than 1 in every 200 people are homeless in Australia we know there is a problem. When services working on the frontlines are telling us that this figure is likely to be much higher, and we don’t have coherent public response – that is a huge cause for concern. Most people want to do something about it, and to help people who are struggling in their own community. CafeSmart is really a grassroots movement that is giving people a vehicle to effect some change and positively impact people’s lives.” – Adam Robinson – CEO, StreetSmart Australia.

Now in its 7th year CaféSmart will be held on Friday August 4th.

Coffee lovers can find a participating café in their local hood here.

Those who want to help but can’t get to a café can donate here.


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