Burger Workout Review Pablo’s Beef Burger

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Burger Workout Review Pablo’s Beef Burger

We love it when we find a fellow Sydney burger lover! We were so happy to welcome instrammer @burgerworkout to come and check out our Surry Hills cafe’s new lunch time menu which included the re-imagined Pablo’s Beef Burger. Check out his review below

and Sydney Burgers watch out!!! @pablos.vice has the burger to take the competition to a new level!!! Lets just say the first bite is heaven, and any bite after that left me in the twilight. You know its a good burger when you have that instant melting sensation of the beef patty infused with all the condiments to create that wow factors. I must say the relish gave me that hint of latino love whilst still integrating that universal feel of a classic cheese burger.

What I like about this burger is that it has identify and signature element (the relish) thatPablo’s can proudly own.

I was very fortunate to speak to their head chef Mike who had a real passion for sharing this burger experience with everyone. He inlighted me that even though a burger is predominately meat vegetarians can still have the same experience. Fascinated by this he elaborated on ingredients and condiments he use with his veggie burgers. Being a big believer that meat is and should be the only way to classify a burger, I was interested and curious to try one of these burgers. Hence i will be back soon to experience this new concept of a burger.

Pablos is another unique treasure in sydney that you wouldn’t find in a popular street. And i quote a legendary boy band here “Backstreets back alright all right”. It has a variety of food that caters to all. Ideal place to start you weekend or a meal before hitting the pub or making your way to the footy. this is where you need to be!!! Cheers Pablo’s for the #burgerworkout. The right taste for a weekend.